Doctors, but also nurses and the entire medical staff constitute a group of professions of special importance. Now, as never before, we are finding out about it. The cinema has portrayed doctors many times. Below I have collected the best films and series that tell about this professional group and medicine in general.

They care directly for our health and life

Being a doctor is a great responsibility, but not always appreciated. After all, even in a pandemic situation, doctors are the addressees of both gratitude and hatred. Regardless of this, however, doctors constitute a special professional group. They care directly for our health and life. They must have a vocation and knowledge to do so. Many times they witness birth, but also death, in the face of which even they are helpless. They have to deal with vulnerable people – when they are weak and sick, they should not show weakness themselves. Cinema has repeatedly portrayed all these complexities in the world of medicine.


There are many films and series about doctors and medicine. In addition, medical and medical themes appear in many productions. Below, however, I have selected only those films that are 100 percent. devoted to this topic. As a rule, these are dramas, although you can also find a few comedies showing medical professions in a crooked mirror. However, the vast majority of films about doctors are productions focusing on the hardships of this profession. Many of them have already gained cult status. So find out which films and series about doctors are worth watching.

Films and series about doctors

Medical themes appear very often in the subject of cinematography. Many spectacular roles and scripts owed their success to the title field. We decided to collect, in our opinion, the most interesting medical film works and present them in the form of a list.

The best films about doctors

The world of medicine still has some secrets that even the most eminent specialists cannot discover. On the other hand, history has recorded many names of doctors who made breakthroughs in their profession, which contributed to saving many lives. As you can see, this topic opens up a huge field of action for scriptwriters and directors. In our overview you will find the best films about doctors.

Filmmakers can show off their creativity by playing with medical fiction or create biographies of actual characters whose amazing story, seen through the camera’s eye, takes on new meanings. Putting all these aspects together, our compilation of the top ten doctor videos has been created. Polish films are included, and recently there is a lot to be proud of. There will also be a few examples from the genre of comedy, drama or even horror movies. If, however, you are looking for dark tales of doctors without borders, or even psychopathic doctors, some of the items on our list will surely prove appropriate.


The story of a rebel who challenges nature, power and his own limitations. This is a film about the first successful Polish heart transplant performed by prof. Religion in Zabrze. The drama of failed operations, a fight for every heartbeat, great ambitions and painful failures, the loneliness of a genius who stood alone against his mentors and started a revolution in Polish medicine. What price did he have to pay for success?


At the hospital at the university’s medical department, a group of ambitious students intend to die … and rise again to describe this experiment. When embarking on an audacious experience, they cross the boundaries of life to face death. Fascinated by the search for immortality, they play with death … which will not allow them to be mocked with impunity.

Jack you don’t know


The American physician Jack Kevorkian (Al Pacino), dubbed “Doctor Death”, has been advocating the right to euthanasia since the 1980s. At the same time, it helps patients who, aware of their terminal condition, decide to leave this world. The first euthanasia performed by him was to help a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in a stage that did not allow him to live in dignity. The film presents this event, as well as the ensuing campaign of supporters and opponents of euthanasia that swept through the American media.

Extraordinary Measures

Based on the true story of John Crowley, the father of terminally ill children (a genetic disease called Pompe disease). Wanting to save them, desperate, he cooperates with an unconventional doctor.